Replacement drive & part for Hangar Doors
print this page and fill out the box then fax it at : (450) 444-7662

Existing Door and Equipment:
  1. Overall opening width
  2. Overall opening height
  3. Number of door blades
  4. Sliding direction
  5. Bi-parting sliding
  6. Number of blades per side
  7. Total number of motors
  8. Power feed to motors (Describe)

    Voltage PhaseCycles
  9. Drive wheel dia
  10. Drive wheel shaft dia
  11. Idler wheel dia
  12. Idler wheel shaft dia
  13. Drive and Idler wheel material
    1. Cast iron
    2. Cast steel
    3. Tempered steel
  14. Top guide roller (Describe)
  15. Top guide roller type (Describe)
  16. Number of top guide roller per blade
  17. Type of Vertical weatherstripping (Describe)
  18. Type of horizontal bottom weatherstripping (Describe)
  19. Lintel weatherstripping. (Describe)
  20. Soffit. (Describe)

Recommended Replacement or Improvement:
    New Siding
    Door insulation.
    Back liner
    Vertical Brush type weatherstripping.
    Bottoml Brush type weatherstripping.
    Top Brush type weatherstripping
    New Soffit and lintel.
    New drive wheels.
    New idler wheels.
    New motors.
    New motor cover with screws.
    New controls.
    New power feed
    New Miller safety bar.
    Door mounted controls
    Wall mounted controls
    Warning horns
    Warning buzzer.
    Warning flashing red light.
    Warning green light.
    New pick up bumper.
    New floor bumper.
    Required job visit and visability study.
    Required quotation.
    Required design calculation.
    Photos of the existing door and components available.

Last modified Wednesday, June 23, 1999