Two or Multiple blades bottom riding, side stacking doors (see also Bi-parting sliding doors)
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Building type:
    Standard structural steel with flat roof.
    Pre engineered building with doors clearances available on end wall.
    Pre engineered building with doors clearances available on side wall.

Design criteria:
    Roof deflection: 1/  of span

    Wall and door deflection: 1/  of span

    Wind load:    lbs/sq. ft or Kg./sq. m.

    Insulation value: ( R, R.S.I. or K factors )

    Siding profile depth:

    Back sheeting (if any):

    No of blades:

Opening Dimension:
    Opening Width:  

    Opening Height: 

Available Clearances:
    Sideroom left hand:

    Sideroom right hand:



Power characteristics:



    Nema 1 General pupose
    Nema 4 Water proof
    Nema 4X Corrosion proof
    Nema 12 Dust proof
    Nema 7 or 9 Explosion proof

    Door mounted
    Wall mounted
    Frequency of operation cycles per year

Safety controls:
    Miller safety bar.
    Warning horn.
    Warning buzzer.
    Flashing light (Red).
    Green light.
    Infra red beam.
    Lazer Limit switches.
    Jogging controls.

Additional equipment:
    Man door hardware.
    Viewing windows.
    Windows for added light.
    Bottom rail flashing.
    Bottom rail heating.
    Bottom rail drains.
    "Power-R-Feed" trolley system.
    Festoon power feed.
    Cab tire power feed
    Power cut off wall mounted
    Power cut off on control panel

Last modified Wednesday, June 23, 1999